• Renting a boat by persons under the age of 18 is not permitted
  • A boat driving license is only required to rent a boat over 30hp.
  • The owner is not responsible for the operation of the boat during the rental period. The lessee is solely responsible for handling.
  • In case of loss or destruction of personal belongings of the lessee and the passengers of the boat, the owner bears no responsibility.
  • The boat is insured for accidents with mixed insurance.
  • The consumption of alcohol by the lessee before and during the lease is expressly prohibited.
  • The lessee must make safe use of the boat and is responsible for the safety of himself and the passengers, as well as for the use of safety equipment provided by the owner.
  • The maximum allowed distance from the shore is 50 meters.


  • A deposit is required to rent a boat.
  • It is possible to offer a new cruise date or refund in case of cancellation due to weather conditions or boat damage.
  • In case of untimely arrival without notification, the lessee shall be charged the entire advance payment.
  • No refund is provided in case of early return of the boat.
  • The deposit is non-refundable for cancellations made 7 days before the reservation.
  • It is forbidden to use the boat after sunset.


  • The boat must be returned by the charterer in the condition it was in when received.
  • There is an additional charge, in case of delay in returning the boat beyond the agreed time, unless this is due to damage to the boat.
  • The company will be compensated by the lessee in case of any damage caused to the boat and its equipment by them, due to its misuse by the passengers.
  • Upon delivery of the vessel by the lessee, he must pay the cost of the fuel consumed during the cruise.